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Bros gapped teeth...?

i have a brother thats ten and he has gapped teeth. front row and bottom...i know that hes going to have to get braces (or not) but im wondering if he should wait because he currently has alot of his baby teeth. (i think like 5) SHould he wait for his adult teeth or go for it now?

Bros gapped teeth...?
Absolutely wait---- hey, it's natural and actually great to hear that he has gaps at this age (10 yrs. old). It means his jaw is growing and making room for his BIG permanent teeth--NOW, AFTER all of his permanent teeth have come in and he still has the gaps--orhto work is certainly a great option.

BEST to actually have him monitored to PROPERLY Diagnose the amount of gaping being caused in his smile--as some smiles are needed to be corrected BEFORE all of the child's' permanent teeth are in.

Another variable in this is (small permanent teeth) there are some people that have diminutive size permanent teeth and it's unknown if your baby brother also has this problem contributing. Correction for this (veneers or plastic bonding) some doctors only close the gaps without considering the aesthetics of the teeth (shape, color, size).

Get all the facts, make an appointment with an orthodontist for children-- for a complete and proper recommendation for your baby brother's gaps--and to best understand what approach-- if any, is needed to correct this gap problem.
Reply:he should wait for his adult teeth to come in...
Reply:Only the dentist and orthodontist will know when they think the time is right for braces. The dentist will refer him to an orthodontist if he thinks he may need braces and the ortho guy will check things out and then tell him when he thinks will be a good time for him to get braces.
Reply:there's no sense, physically or economically, to straighten his baby teeth with braces...
Reply:He should wait till he gets all his adult teeth, plus if he goes to the dentist he/ she can advise better.
Reply:u shold wait upto 13yr. as canine errupts it put pressure on centrals, u must have IOPA d LAT.CEPH.. RADIOGRAHS BEFORE UNDERGOING ANY TREATMENT.Firstly youshould know the etiology of it

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Can i have wisdom teeth removed awake?

Just saw one wisdom tooth begin to erupt, and I think they might have to come out soon (orthodontic work for 3 years). I have a strong fear of general anesthesia, the big issue being death while I'm out. I don't want to be sedated either because I had one tooth out when I was 8 and I had nitrous and it was way too freaky.

I had an impacted adult tooth removed when I was 14, this thing was way in the gum, you could only see it on x-ray. I requested that I stay awake and they kept me up. Honestly, it wasn't that bad. There was blood, grinding, pulling, and a big-*** needle but that didn't bother me as much as the sight of the dreaded general anesthetic equipment. I knew the lidocaine had no chance of death.

However, I'm concerned that the dentist may not do it with local alone even if I request it, because supposedly, wisdom teeth are different. Can this procedure be done awake?

Can i have wisdom teeth removed awake?
I have had 5 teethe pulled without being put under. four being wisedom
Reply:I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled while I was awake (two at a time). None had broken through the gums but 2 were growing in crooked. So, yes, they can be removed when you're awake.
Reply:If your wisdom teeth have erupted, then you can be awake because (from what I've heard) it's just like a regular tooth removal. The reason most people go under is because the teeth are impacted, haven't erupted, too close to the nerve, etc. Mine hadn't come out yet, so they put me to sleep.
Reply:Yes. I've had one out with Novacaine. It is a lot easier, as you don't need to have someone take you home.
Reply:Yes, you can have your wisdom teeth out with just local anesthetic. the reason they usually put you out with wisdom teeth removal is because of the blood, grinding, tooth breaking they have to do. it will not sound very good and you will feel the pressure but if you can handle it and if the dentist thinks you can handle it they should do it for you.
Reply:YES, it can be done very easly; I had 3 of them pulled/out w/o any anesthetic[live]; the doctor talled me that they have 3 roots and even w/local anesthetic I will feel the pain; so I accepted and was not that bad, I survived......going will never know what the ....good doing to ...."U"....
Reply:Absolutely--all the time. In my experience I have assisted erupted and non erupted wisdom teeth. A dentist can extract non erupted wisdom just comes down to the choice does he want to or would it be best for the oral surgeon to perform the extractions.?? Not every non erupted wisdom tooth removal goes to the surgeon. Sometimes, if they are not coming through the gum tissue(non erupted) it could also be that the bud of wisdom tooth is too deep to get without getting REALLy involved. can have all 4 of wisdoms extracted at once or two at a time awake..if that is your choice! Good luck to you.
Reply:I had my top wisdom tooth removed about 8 hours ago and I was awake throughout the whole thing. If you have a good dentist then you won't feel a thing while getting it done. Good Luck
Reply:I had a wisdom tooth pulled 8 months ago because it broke he numbed me up and pulled it out took about 30 minutes from sitting down to leaving the dentist so ya there are dentist that will do that for you its your body get what you watn done.

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Help Romoved teeth was it right move?

i went to the dentists and they romoved 3 pre moulers they said there gonna romove more and one of them is a adult teeth and they said that that they did that cause when my braces go on and when my teeth go back they need room for it to go back were they right cause i only need braces on the top and they romeved a teeth from the bottom too?

Help Romoved teeth was it right move?
Hmmm. Do you have your wisdom teeth yet? If not, have they x-rayed you to see if you have all of them, as some people don't always have all 4. I can understand the top....I think, but it makes more since to remove wisdom teeth that haven't erupted yet to ensure room and ensure that they don't push teeth foward when they come in. Sounds odd to me that they pulled any teeth unless you had "extra" premolars or some type of problem such as extreme crowding. As for the bottom tooth, a bit suspicious. Is the dentist also an orthodontist, meaning is he/she going to put your braces on too?
Reply:Since you cannot take it back, it was the right decision.
Reply:after the braces are on 4 a month or 2 the spaces will close up and you wont be able to tell
Reply:well you cant do anything about it now, and they are proffesionals they know what they're doing
Reply:Sounds like my niece and she has Beautiful teeth now-she is 23.

Yes I feel you made the right move in a short while you'll be so Glad u did!




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3 yr old son got his teeth knocked back.....?

yesterday my son fell and when I opened his mouth, one of his front teeth was knocked back and I pulled it forward. I can tell his other front teeth was affected to by the fall also from his gums but it wasn't knocked back like the other one. By looking at it, I can tell its crooked. One is more out than the other one (the one that was knocked back) I put some pressure on it while he was sleeping to try to get it lined up with the other one but it didn't work. What would a dentist do in this situation. Would they put my son to sleep to fix his teeth or something since he is not mature enough yet to sit still? Is there something that is done to make sure the teeth will grow properly and his adult teeth will grow straight? There looks like dried blood on his gums? Does this mean his gums are infected?

3 yr old son got his teeth knocked back.....?
yes, you should bring him to a dentist, prefferably a pedodontist who deals with small children everyday. Your son should have those teeth til he is 6or so, so hang onto them if at all possible. The dentist may splint the loose tooth to more sound teeth so it may heal but they may need a pulpectomy, if the pulp is affected by the fall. Good luck
Reply:I would take him to his pediatrician and have them look at his teeth. Kids get their baby teeth battered and knocked out all the time. The doctor will be able to tell you if he really needs to see a dentist and if his gums are infected. Yes, the dentist would have to give him some medication to make him sleep. Just don't let the dentist talk you into anything like root canals or crowns for baby teeth. I have heard that a lot. Some parents have been talked into spending thousands of dollars on teeth that are going to fall out anyway. Horrible.
Reply:Take him to the dentist!
Reply:Take him to the hospitle and quick man.

His gums sound infected please dont try to help his pain of the tooth it may make it worse then before so harry leave right now and if not his teeth may became blood shout like he can't eat on that tooth or it will hurt, its like mine and i do not want that kid to be hurt like my tooth and it hurts bad............ HELP HIM NOW MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! ............
Reply:take him to an orthadontist.
Reply:why in the world would you not bring him to the dentist or doctor when his tooth got knocked out? Let's use some common sense......

Honestly, he is probably in pain. i hop ethe LEAST you are doing is giving him tylenol or some other child pain medication. Oh my gosh, your poor son.

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Question about my 7yr old son's front teeth?

when my son was 2yrs old, he fell and hit one of his front teeth on concrete. I took him to the dentist and he said that he "killed" the tooth, would turn black and fall out. The adult tooth would come in just fine. Well, he never lost the tooth and it didn't turn black it just turned a yellowish color. He is now 7yrs old and he lost that tooth and about 3 weeks later he lost his other front tooth. The one that he lost second (the good one) has already started to come through, it's about half way. The other one has not started, can't see where it is even breaking the gums yet. It looks like the gums are starting to heal. I'm worried that there may not be a tooth at all. Any ideas??? just in case you tell me to go to a dentist, i have an appointment scheduled march 17th.

Question about my 7yr old son's front teeth?
Not all teeth will come in at the same time.Usually with front teeth one will come in faster than the other one.
Reply:The dentist can take an x-ray and show you the tooth buds. don't worry I'm sure his teeth with be fine.
Reply:It would be extremely rare for a central incisor not to form. I've never seen it happen.

Teeth do not always come out simultaneously, and that is all I think is happening in your situation. It is too early to be concerned about other possibilities.

For example, sometimes an extra tooth forms between the central incisors (called a mesiodens) and can obstruct the incisors from erupting. An Xray would show you what's happening.

In another example, sometimes the gum heals up too fast and hard over an erupting incisor, and stops it coming thru. A simple incision into the gum to break the skin will fix it.

I would wait 3 months before looking at these possibilities.
Reply:Definately dont miss that appointment . Some teeth are definately slower than others but since your son has had trauma in that area I would definately let a dentist check to see if it was still moving into position .Are you seeing the same dentist as before because he could compare the x-ray from before with a current x-ray to make sure the tooth has completely formed and is in position to come through .Even though it has been a long time since the fall if you are not seeing that dentist I would call and ask if I could get an x-ray copy forwarded to the doc you are seeing so he will see first hand what it looked like before . I also have a seven year old little boy . I hope all is fine and his tooth is just slow to come in .My sons two upper front teeth seemed to take forever to come in but the other teeth have come in very soon after they were lost .


SIX Canine teeth - YES SIX! - have you seen this?

My six month old kitten is teething and has horrible dragon breath. This is the 28th kitten I have raised - be them my own adopted babies or kittens I fostered.

Never, have I seen this, his milk teeth are coming out, on schedule and as they should be - I know the teething and bad breath are normal and as expected.

BUT - he currently has two top canines on each side. They are side by side as if the new adult tooth pushed the milk tooth to the side.

I called the vet and they said it is okay...odd, but okay. I just need to keep checking him and making sure he is eating.

Has anyone ever seen this? I am going to try and get a picture but it is hard to hold his mouth open and operate the camera at the same time.

SIX Canine teeth - YES SIX! - have you seen this?
I have seen and heard of dogs having something like this. When they are suppose to loose their puppy teeth, they never fall out, and the adult teeth grow right along side of it.

Never have I heard about it in cats though.

I will try to find more info, or images...but I am having no luck right now.

Edit: It's called: Retained Deciduous (Baby) Teeth

Found a site:
Reply:That's kind of neat. I'd like to see a photo. I haven't seen it first hand, but it does sound logical that the adult tooth may have just pushed it to the side.

Enjoy your kitten and try for that photo!
Reply:nope never seen that, hope he gets better soon

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